Are Calories in Tahini Healthy?

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For a person who wouldn’t want to lose weight or shed some, as much as possible they stay away from calories. They treat calorie as a monster, because if you consume more than you’re required to, surely it’ll make you gain weight. It’s important to watch what we eat to maintain a healthy body with confidence. One sauce craze in trend right now is tahini or the sesame paste made from roasted sesame seeds.  So, you should ask, are calories in tahini healthy?


People use tahini to dress their salads with or even add it as an ingredient for cakes and cookies. It’s believed to have many health benefits like helping regulate blood pressure and improve skin health. However, these claimed health benefits are questioned because of the calorie content of tahini. Now, we would answer your question, are calories in tahini healthy?


The amount of calories in tahini

Here is the amount of tahini calorie in every one teaspoon, one tablespoon, ¼ cup and 1-ounce serving.

For every one (1) teaspoon serving of tahini,


Fat (grams) – 2.69 g

Carb (grams) – 1.06 g

Protein (grams) – 0.85 g



For every one (1) tablespoon serving of tahini,


Fat (grams) – 8.06 g

Carb (grams) – 3.18 g

Protein (grams) – 2.55 g



For every 1/4 cup serving of tahini,


Fat (grams) – 32.26 g

Carb (grams) – 12.71 g

Protein (grams) – 10.20 g



For every 1 oz. Serving of tahini,


Fat (grams) – 15.24 g

Carb (grams) – 6.01 g

Protein (grams) – 4.82 g



What are calories?

Before I tell you if the calories in tahini are healthy, let’s have a brief review on what is a calorie. Calories, whenever people hear them, they’re like monsters. But do you know what calories are aside from it’s a factor for someone to gain weight? Do you know our bodies need it too? To find out more about calories, read on.


A calorie is a unit of energy. Hearing that food contains 100 calories mean that that’s the amount of energy you’d get if you eat or drink it. The amount of calories our body needs depends on how active we are. The more you move, the more you need energy. The unused calorie will turn into a body fat.


An average man with a moderate lifestyle needs to take about 2,400 to 2,600 calories in a day. An average woman with a moderate lifestyle needs to take about 2, 000 calories in a day. These are according to the National Institute of Health (NIH).


Are calories in tahini healthy?


So are calories contained in tahini healthy? There are no healthy or unhealthy calories. The question lies on how many calories you take in a day. If you take too many calories and don’t do much of any physical activity, then it’ll result in weight gain. Calories are not the problem. Your intake is the problem. Even if you eat the healthiest foods like tahini, if you take in too much of it, it would be unhealthy.


Always be reminded that too much of whatever is never good. So stay healthy by checking your calorie intake and do more exercise. So you can enjoy tahini and other foods without gaining a lot of weight.