How to Make a Great Tahini

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Tahini is a serious matter and if this claim makes you laugh, then we have already started on the wrong foot. The tahini is, first of all, food of course a very tasty and healthy one. But, for us tahini is much more than that. In our opinion, it is not only a food but a culinary institution. One that bridges cultures and historical periods.


If you searched Google for “how to make tahini” and you came to this blog- then you came to the right place. On the other posts in this blog you will find answers to other common questions: what tahini to use, where to find it, how to prepare tahini so that it will have the best taste possible, and more. In the meantime, assuming that you are equipped with a container of raw tahini, let’s get to work.


Tahini for two


The ingredients:


Quarter of raw tahini container

1/3 cup of water

Juice from half a lemon

At least one garlic clove



(The quantities may vary because every brand of raw tahini can react differently to water. And, in any case, we suggest tasting the mix during the preparation in order to make sure it suits your personal taste).




Pour the raw tahini into a small bowl or saucer and add a little water. Stir gently with your Tahini Maker. After a short period of stirring the tahini thickens and the stirring becomes difficult. Add a little more water and stir gently, so it will not “break “the tahini. Repeat the process several times until the tahini is still very thick, but still cooperates.
Squeeze the lemon (try to keep the seeds out of the tahini), and stir. The taste of the tahini after adding the lemon should be pleasant and gentle (if it is not, the tahini is not good or the lemon is not good or the lemon juice is missing). Sprinkle the salt gently. Beat the garlic, chop the parsley and add all to the mix. Before you finish, dilute with a little more water if needed (you should bear in mind that the tahini continues to “absorb” the water and thickens after the preparation). Another way to solve the problem is to eat it immediately.