Tahini Carbs

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Different types of diet are coming out here and there. They differ in what they can do to one’s body, but there’s one thing that they almost always agree on. And that is to avoid food with high carb content. Ketogenic diet, paleo diet and even vegans are all avoiding food high carbs. This makes us wonder, is tahini carbs okay for these types of diet? Well, come on and let’s find out.


Tahini Carbs


Tahini carbs differ from each brand. But it is safe to say that most tahini brands out there has a range of 0.9 grams per 100 grams up to 12 grams per 100 grams. If you want lesser carbs on your tahini, it would be preferable if you purchased organic ones. You could also make your own tahini and put lesser olive oil in it, thus reducing the carbs.


If you want to make sure how much carbs your tahini have, read the label. Some brands tend to leave out fiber, which is also considered as carbs. Though fiber is healthier than sugar. Fiber will help you flush out those toxins that might destroy your diet.


Don’t worry though, as the carbs in tahini is still healthy. It’s lower than most spreads, like peanut butter and almond butter. Plus, tahini is also cheaper. If you’re into ketogenic, paleo or vegan diet, then it’s better that you’ll replace your spreads with tahini.


Tahini Carbs


Tahini Carbs Count


Light and dark tahini sometimes only differ in taste and texture, but still has the same carbs content. These are the common carbs measurements of different tahini.


Serving Size         Net Carbs         Fiber             Sugar               Total Carbs

1 teaspoon                      0.56 grams               0.5 grams           0.02 grams             1.06 grams

1 tablespoon                  1.78 grams                1.4 grams            0.07 grams             3.18 grams

1/4 cup                           7.11 grams                 5.6 grams           0.29 grams             12.71 grams

1 ounce                           3.41 grams                2.6 grams           0.14 grams             6.01 grams


There you go, now you know how much carbs are there in your tahini. Even if you’ll indulge yourself with tahini, it’s still healthy for any kind of dieat. So, even if you’re trying to loose weight, or aiming to become healthy, or simply trying to promote animal rights, tahini is your friend.

Tahini Carbs
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Tahini Carbs
Like most food, tahini also contains carbs. But don't worry yourself, tahini is a healthy kind of food, thus tahini carbs is also healthy.