Best Tahini Brand

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Tahini is tasty and delicious, no wonder almost every one wants to get hold of it. But there are loads of tahini out there, with different textures, taste, and consistency. And with so much choices, it can become confusing. So, what is the best tahini brand?


The best tahini brand will depend upon your needs and preference. You may prefer a tahini that’s bitter in taste, or you may want a nutty flavoured tahini. You may need a different tahini for this recipe, and need something else for another. Well, worry no more, I will teach you the best tahini for every recipe that you’d want to try.
Best Tahini Brand


Best Tahini Brand of Light Tahini


If you want a Light Tahini, well, you should opt for a tahini that is organic. And guess what, the best organic is? The best light tahini is Nuts to You Tahini. Light tahini is a tahini that’s cream in color. It has a texture that’s also the same with a smoothie. It’s also looser than other types of tahini.


If you want to use light tahini, choose a recipe where a light tasting ingredient won’t be overpowered. One good way to use light tahini is by using it in hummus. It would also be good to use light tahini in halva. And if you want vegetable recipes, well, roasted vegetables will taste better when you drizzle it with light tahini. Falafel sauce also tastes good when made with light tahini.


Best Tahini Brand of Dark Tahini


When it comes to Dark Tahini, Joyva Tahini would be your best option. Dark tahini is a kind of tahini that’s made with toasted sesame seeds that are naturally darker. This kind of tahini is coarser in texture and is heartier, with a pronounced taste of bitterness.


Dark tahini is better used for baking. It’s good when you  make bread, one good example is Armenian Tahini Bread. It’s also good in making cookies, and cakes. You could also make it better when you mix tahini with honey when baking.But wait, baked goods is not the only ones good with dark tahini. You can also use it with grilled meat, specially spicy ones.


There you go, these are the best tahini brand for each type of tahini. Hope you’d try them soon!

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