Tahini Replacement for Pasta Sauce

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Let’s be honest, most of us just see tahini as an ingredient for hummus or as a spread. Most of us have never thought of tahini replacement for pasta sauce. Who knew, right? Well, let’s try this recipe together, and let’s if Tahini Replacement for Pasta Sauce can be as good as the pasta sauce we all love.

Tahini Replacement for Pasta Sauce Recipe

For one pound pasta,


You’ll need:


*olive oil

*minced garlic

*tahini – ⅓ cup

*pasta water

*herbs (your choice)

*grated parmesan

*fresh lemon juice


Tahini Replacement for Pasta SauceProcedure:


On a heated pan, put a sufficient amount of olive oil.

Add minced garlic.

Toss ⅓ cup of tahini.

Add oil to achieve a thinner tahini consistency fit for a sauce.

Transfer the cooked pasta to the pan.

Add a bit of pasta water. The pasta water will help loosen tahini’s thick consistency, making it creamier.

Garnish with herbs, lemon juice, and grated parmesan cheese!


Try this recipe now, and feast your taste buds on a new taste of pasta sauce. It’s easy, it’s simple, and can be made by almost anyone.


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