Tahini at Kroger

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The Kroger Company is an American company. It’s one of the largest supermarket chain all over United States of America. It was founded by Bernard Kroger in the year of 1883. It comes second to Walmart as a general-retailer company. This company operates 1,360 supermarket fuel centers, 37 food processing factories, and 2,122 pharmacies all over the world. And one of the the products they sell is tahini. So, in a very large supermarket, where can one find tahini at kroger?


Kroger company’s primary business are food stores, which the 94% of the company’s total sales comes from it. While 6% of its company sales comes from their jewelry business and convenience stores.


In Kroger grocery store, they sell natural and organic food for their customers, especially for the vegan people. These kinds of food best fit to your healthy lifestyle. These products come from local and national brands. Examples of these are frozen products, gluten-free, dairy-free, fitness bars and snacks, and wheat-free foods. Not only food, but also they’re selling natural and organic household and beauty products for the people. With these items on store, you can see logos of USDA organic standards and Live Naturally, meaning it’s approved to their standard. You can confidently buy these products without any doubt.


A tahini paste is a thick condiment which is the result of grinding sesame seeds. When making tahini, you only need hulled or unhulled sesame seeds and some olive oil to mix them in a processor. Then you have your pure tahini paste. Sesame seeds are considered natural and organic food, therefore tahini is vegan. Sesame seeds are good source of calcium and protein. It is also full of vitamins and minerals which meet your body’s daily need. And people can choose what kind of tahini they like and what it tastes like. Here’s a comparison.


  •         Raw Tahini – this paste is made from raw sesame seed. The sesame seed didn’t undergo any heat process or no additives were added. Light in colour than roasted.
  •         Roasted/Toasted Tahini – sesame seeds were roasted until golden brown before made into a paste, it’s aromatic, and bitter but not like the unhulled sesame seeds.
  •         Hulled tahini – the sesame seeds’ covering was removed. It is lighter in colour and a little bit bitter.
  •         Unhulled tahini – full ground sesame seeds where there is still covering around it. Darker compared to hulled. Aromatic and much bitter compared to other.


Raw unhulled tahini is the best choice when we talk about health-wise. Since it didn’t undergo any heating process and the sesame seed is full ground. And the nutrient it all contains is still complete. Unlike roasted tahini, it underwent a heating process which breaks down the nutrients and it becomes lesser. And hulled tahini contains fewer nutrients since it is not full ground sesame seed.


And in Kroger store, you can find different types of tahini paste and sauce. Just visit their Middle-eastern or “organic” section. They could offer you these tahinis. And also, if you can’t go to the grocery store, you can order online by just visiting their website.


Tahini at Kroger
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Tahini at Kroger
Kroger's one of the largest supermarket's in USA. They sell a lot of goods, and one of those goods is tahini. Where can you find tahini at Kroger?