Where do I find Tahini?

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Why it’s difficult to find Tahini? In what section should we check? Condiments or Ethnic food? Worry no more! Here are common sections where you can find them! You can now answer your question, where do I find tahini?


Another famous dressing and dip is taking all over continent. Aside from hummus, there is another thick paste that makes all the crowd ask for more. This paste is made from sesame seeds and has rich consistency like butter but vegan and healthier. It is Tahini. It can be an ingredient for your pastries, a dip for your finger foods, or a healthy dressing for your salad greens.



To purchase this dish, you feel like it’s playing hide and seek. A lot of us gets confuse where to find them. Here are clues to help you out.


  •         These condiments are mostly seen in huge supermarkets.
  •         You can also find them in Middle Eastern store near you or your town. They are mostly displayed in the condiments section or ethnic foods section. These are considered as international food and most likely to store since they are considered as a staple food.
  •         If you’re still unsuccessful in looking for it, sales representative would love to offer a hand for you.
  •         Don’t expect these tahinis to be available in small grocery stores.
  •         Know how or what are the ways to sell these tahinis. Because there are some which are already ready-made inside bottles and jars.
  •         Chickpea’s one main ingredients is the tahinis. You might be able to find one net to ready-made hummus.
  •         Don’t forget to check the freezer. You might be able to find them inside the fridge.
  •         IF your hunt didn’t bring anywhere, the best thing for you to do is to make one.


After all the store and grocery hunting, yet still unsuccessful? Google the ingredients and drag yourself to the kitchen and look for the essentials needed for your home-made tahini. Not costly, you can also make sure the quality is healthier.


Where do I find Tahini?
Article Name
Where do I find Tahini?
Looking for tahini is not easy at times. There are times when you keep looking, but you still won't find tahini. Ad if you do find one, it is't of top quality. Where ca you find a good tahini?