Tahini at HEB

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H-E-B is huge grocery store based in Texas. H-E-B stands for “Her everything’s better”. This company has a lot of supermarket chains all round United States. The three letters H-E-B was also derived from the son of the owner who took over their family’s business after World War I. His name is Howard E. Butt. HEB was listed to be one of biggest earners and sales like what other big grocery stores can. It was also listed in Forbes Magazine’s one of the biggest donors in United States. So, where can find tahini at HEB?



This grocery was first introduced by his mother. He tried to expand the store in different places but it was unsuccessful in Junction. Their main office can be found in Downtown San Antonio. As they build branches all over Texas, some were of like a trial and error at first. HEB supermarket and central markets were spread outside Texas and it was successful. They’re operating bread and milk factories. They are producing their own products of snacks, ice cream, ready-cooked meals and meats at store. They also sell local and international brands on their supermarkets. They have sections for organic foods, dairy products (like ice cream and milk), fully-cooked foods, and poultry products.



In HEB grocery store has been providing their shoppers a superior experience for them by offering fresh poultry and organic products from both local and international products. They’re customer service is superb since employees are approachable and always ready to lend their hands. Not only they sell salads (which they have tahini dressing), they even can cook barbecue for you! And for pizza lovers, create your own pizza and you can even choose to take it home or enjoy munching in while shopping.


And talking about fresh and organic product, you can check on their “ethnic” or middle-eastern section some Mediterranean foods (you can choose between fresh and ready-made ones). Expect to find the most popular condiment all over the world which is made from sesame seeds, called the tahini paste. Tahini is a versatile condiment which everybody uses, except with people who have sesame allergies, and enjoy mixing it with their favourite dishes. It’s flexible more than what you think. It can be an ingredient in your favourite cakes, ice cream, and pasta. It may be bitter in taste but adding it with fresh lemon juice, garlic, salt, and warm water will change your point of view. It’s commonly used as dressing in your vegetable salad, and dipping sauce for your chips and grilled meat. Tahini’s tangy and nutty flavour gives your baba ganoush, halva, and hummus a fabulous taste. And not only that, it’s fully-packed with nutrients. The sesame seed paste is rich in protein and calcium. It contains antioxidants, vitamins, and as well as minerals. People around the globe consider this as a “super food”. Sesame seeds may tiny but it is totally opposite to what it can do and offer.


HEB can offer you anything for you convenience. Visit them now!


Tahini at HEB
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Tahini at HEB
Her Everything's Better is a grocery store that caters to most needs of women. It's a store owned by Howard E. Butt. Let's find out where one can find tahini at HEB.