The Different Uses of Tahini

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Tahini is best known as an ingredient for hummus and chickpea dip. It’s the same with the peanut butter but has a thinner texture and made from sesame seeds. Tahini is incredibly healthy and has a creamy, nutty flavor you’ll definitely love. It’s commonly used by Middle Eastern and Asian natives. So, what are the different uses of tahini?


As Tahini makes its way to the global scene, its uses have become wider. You can incorporate it with your salads, cakes, cookies and others! In this article, we’ll line up the different uses of tahini beyond it being an ingredient in hummus. Yes, tahini is that flexible.



Here are the uses of tasty tahini you’d want to try at home:


Tahini Used as a Salad Dressing

Tahini can turn your usual salad into a nuttier and tastier one! Dress your kale salad, grilled fish, quinoa, steamed vegetables and you’ll definitely enjoy the tahini as well as its health benefits! You can try the Tahini Dressing, Spiced Green Tahini Dressing, the Lemon Tahini Dressing (ideal for fresh salads) and Tahini and Rice Vinegar Dressing (perfect for warm grains). There is more tahini dressing uses you can search on the net.


Tahini Used as a Pasta Sauce

You can boost your usual pasta sauce’s taste with the healthy tahini! You can use it on either hot or cold pasta. Try the spaghetti with tahini sauce and pasta with vegetables and tahini sauce. It’ll definitely awaken your taste buds into a heavenly creamy pasta! Not to mention tahini also has lots of health benefits.


Tahini Used as a Dessert

Have a sweet tooth? You can also incorporate tahini with some delicious desserts, adding some bitter nut and creamy flavor. Yes, it’s possible. You can make tahini popsicles, tart, milkshake, truffles and much more.


Tahini Used as a Soup Ingredient

If you’re up for some creamy soup, tahini is the best ingredient add on your usual soups! Try from creamy potato tahini soup to Miso-Tahini Squash Soup, Cold-Chickpea Tahini Soup or Creamy Broccoli Tahini Soup.

Tahini Used as a Cookie Ingredient

You can replace peanut butter or other nut butter ingredients with healthy tahini! You can add some chocolate chips with it or cinnamon. You can even make a healthier tahini cookie with some veggies. Treat your family and friends with a healthy munch with tahini cookies.


Tahini Used as a Replacement for Sauces

You can replace or enhance your usual sauces with tahini to add an extra flavor. If you want a nutty flavor, you can replace mayonnaise with tahini. You can make a Garlicky Tahini Sauce best paired with lamb and spinach. You can also try Tahini Mustard Dipping Sauce for chive and pork dumplings.


Tahini Used as a Cake Ingredient

Bake healthy and yummy cakes with tahini. You can make a tahini cake, or incorporate with some of your most -loved cakes. You can make a Tahini Chocolate Cake, Tahini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting or if you love blueberries, try Tahini Cake with Blueberry Swirl.



So those are the different tahini uses we’ve tried. There’s no doubt that tahini can bring out the best in several dishes. Try any of these at home, and you might get addicted to tahini just as we are!


The Different Uses of Tahini
Article Name
The Different Uses of Tahini
Tahini is not just a spread, you can use it noodles, soup, or as a dip or dressing. Tahini is such versatile paste that you can use it in on almost every dish.