Tahini as a Replacement for other Sauces

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Gone are the days when tahini is only used as an ingredient for hummus and chickpeas. As tahini begins to gain attention, its uses have been expanding too. Our usual sauces may be high in calories or may contain ingredients we might be allergic with. Using tahini as a replacement for other sauces is a great way to avoid that!


That’s why some users use tahini as a replacement for other sauces and dressings to create an even more exciting and healthy dish. Sauces made with tahini have higher nutrient and protein contents.


Get ready to ‘open sesame’ with these quick tahini replacement sauce recipes! Reinvent your sauces and dressings with tahini!


Here’s an easy garlicky tahini sauce recipe you can use as a replacement for your usual dip for your typical fried or baked dishes. You can also drizzle this tahini sauce recipe in your salads.



Easy Tahini Sauce Recipe

You’ll need:


*garlic – 2 cloves

*salt – ½ teaspoon

*tahini – ½ cup

*water – ¼ cup

*fresh lemon juice – ⅓ cup

*olive oil – ¼ cup

*cilantro (finely chopped) – 1 tablespoon

*parsley (finely-chopped) – 1 tablespoon

*ground cumin – ¼ teaspoon




Mince 2 cloves of garlic.

Mash it until it a paste is achieved.

Season with salt.

Mix in the garlic paste and the rest of the ingredients.

Combine well.



These are some Sauces that can be Replaced by Tahini:


There are tons of ways to use tahini as a replacement for other sauces. Or just add it up to your simple sauce recipes to give that extra flavor in your dishes!


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