What is Tahini Dressing?

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Give up those boring salad dressing. Stop wasting time inside your usual cuisine. There are so much more to discover. And this time, let’s take a peak of the famous Middle Eastern dressing! I’ll tell you what is tahini dressing.


In Arab countries, tahini is commonly used to their cuisine. For those who are not familiar with this condiment, it is just a paste made from crushed sesame seeds. This is commonly used for pastry ingredients, dipping, and salad dressing. Making a sauce or dressing, you have to mix it with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, and tahini paste as well. This is also used as sauce for your meat, and thickens your soup. A vegetarian goes loco with this dish since it’s a good alternative for butter and has jump-packed nutrients. Not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also it’s vegan.


You can check out the nearest Middle Eastern stores in your town to purchase tahini, it can even offer variety of tahinis in a jar. These are quite hard to find especially in small stores. In a grocery shop, you can either find it in either the condiment or imported section.


You can buy tahini dressing at the supermarket, but the taste of a home-made tahini is better. Home-made tahinis are more tasty, creamier, and fresher.  You can make your own dressing; it won’t take much of your time. Just 10-15 minutes only for the preparation and 5 minutes for the mixing of ingredients. What you need are:



  •         ¼  cup lemon juice
  •         ¼ tsp salt
  •         ¾ cup warm or hot water
  •         1 cup tahini paste (light color)
  •         2 tsp of mince parsley



  •         Use a blender to blend in together the lemon juice, water, tahini paste, and salt.
  •         Use a stick or spoon to separate or crush bulks from the sauce.
  •         After a few minutes, you will have a smooth and creamy dressing. Adjust the consistency by adding more warm water into it.
  •         Keep the consistency if you’d like it as a meat sauce. And make it lighter if you want to drizzle it in your falafel or salad greens.

Wait are you waiting for? Pull out all the ingredients from your fridge and blend them in!


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